EXCLUSIVE: Strictly For The Ladies! Tyrese Reveals What He Loves In A Woman

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I know you always like to share advice and quotable, do you have anything else you’d like to share with your fans?

Tyrese: I want to throw a few other things at you.

Yeah, sure!

I want to encourage people: stop giving up on love so easily. No one ever said it would be easy to meet somebody, catch feelings and figure it out. I think right now, and I’ve talked on this before, and it’s a very touchy subject, but I think right now, a lot of people are taking this independent thing too far.

You know, here Beyonce come with these single lady anthems (starts singing “Single Ladies”) and then she done ran off, got married and had a baby.

Nobody wants to be alone. Nobody wants to be without a significant other. I think this whole independent thing is being abused, used and people are just going too far with it. I think the independent thing has been misconstrued. We don’t want people to be independent of each other. We want people to have their independence within the union of the relationship. Don’t come in as a dependent. We’re more powerful together than we are apart.

Stop giving up on love. Stop looking at television to see—filing for divorce seems to be the coolest thing to do these days because as soon as someone files for divorce, they get so much press and media, they’re on the cover of magazines and it’s all over the place and it seems like the cool thing to do right now.

The Devil has been busy attacking our unions, attacking our families, attacking our marriages.

So on this day, Valentine’s Day, I want you to look your lady and your man in the face and recommit your love to them.

And, my last thing, if you notice that there’s a breakdown in communication, do this: write a love letter. I want you to write a letter. I want you to go in your room, get on your laptop, and I’ll get on my laptop and we’re going to write each other a letter and we’re going to just say it all, everything we’re thinking, everything we’re feeling.

Communication is the number one answer to keeping a relationship going. When the communication dies, the relationship will eventually die. I got that advice from a man that’s my mentor, who’s been married for over 30 years.

A love letter. After you read that love letter, go and have wild sex. Bring all that friction and tension to the bedroom. Just get it out and then lay there with sweat dripping, that’s it. 

Give us some quotes to walk away with this evening. 

“For every level there’s another Devil.”

“You’ll never know who you are until you discover who you’re not in a relationship.”

“I believe people should work hard at being professional forgivers.”

Women, I think sometimes they have these unrealistic expectations of men when it comes to love.

What do you consider unrealistic expectations ?

As far as I’m concerned, most of us men, not all, but most of us, need to be shown how to love. And, a woman’s approach is…

You need to already know how to love.

Exactly. And, it’s like, listen: push your pride and your ego to the side. Like, most of us men, we’re really child like. We may be big, we may have muscles, we may be aggressive, we may be the first one to get in a fight at the club, but most of us are really child-like. And if you’re patient with us you’ll stop complaining about what I am, and you’ll help mold and shape and develop me into a better man, and show me how to love. Teach me how to love. Stop complaining about the love that I showed up with—this is all I know. I’m only doing what I know how to do.

That’s what I want to say for my Valentine’s Day. Go get Open Invitation: Reloaded.  You can press play on this album from top to bottom and it never stops. I put my heart and my soul into this album. This is what R&B is missing. I think R&B music is lacking conviction. Everybody is singing with autotunes, sounding like robots. You can’t convey your heart and soul through no robot.

I don’t believe you miss that girl that’s why I don’t like your song. You don’t know about sex that’s why you’re singing about sex, and I don’t want to have sex to your music. What you know about lovemaking? You just know about humping.

I don’t believe you. You’re singing about sex doesn’t mean people want to have sex to your music. It’s grown man season.